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Toddler Kitchen

Item number: C900
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This is every toddler’s dream kitchen—the 18” working height, clicking knobs, and a faucet that swivels invite concentrated role play. Units lock together with a unique childproof/teacher-friendly connector and can be rearranged easily. Constructed out of solid cherry wood, these units will give you decades of service.

Solid Wood

We use solid wood because durability and longevity is what you count on from our products.

Toddler-proof Connectors

Toddler-proof connectors ensure security and stability. Teachers, however, can easily reconfigure.


Innovative hinges have no pinch points.

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Details & Dimensions

Recommended ages

Product Dimensions






  • Includes: Stove, Sink, and Fridge
  • 18" counter height
  • Stove and sink knobs click when turned.
  • Raised burners on stove. Sink pan is fixed.
  • Unique porthole on fridge serves toddler’s fascination with dropping and retrieving objects
  • Large toddler-friendly handles and pinch-free hinges.
  • Units lock together securely yet rearrange quickly into new configurations.
  • Each Toddler Village Item comes with one connector.
  • Everything is modular; start small and add units over time.
  • The bulletin backing holds the Small Mirror accessory.
  • For ages 12-36 months
infant toddler environment rating scale book and early childhood environment rating scale book

ITERS: 2. Furniture for routine care and play 7.1 16. Active physical play 7.3