Circle Stars

Community Playthings | December 2018

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With just three folds and a cut, even a young child can create a beautiful star out of a circle of paper.


1. To make a circle, trace around a cup or similar object. Experiment with a variety of objects to create different sized stars.

draw circle 

2. Cut out the circle.

cut circle

3. Fold the circle in half, in half again, and again in half. (Three folds)

three folds

4. Start at the point of your “pie slice” and cut a straight line down the middle. But don't cut through the “crust” - leave an edge to hold your star together.

cut line

5. Open and fold out the points to make a star.

fold out points large

Older children can try this more intricate variation. Make two straight cuts parallel to the first cut, one on either side, then open and fold out points.

three cuts

three cuts star 

Decorate a card with the finished star, or use it as a hanging decoration. You may want to mount it on another color of paper, or encase it in clear contact paper. By making different cuts, folding out different points, or mounting in creative combinations, the possibilities are endless. Have fun coming up with your own unique stars!

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