Plastic Wrap Painting

| February 2020

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This is one of my favorite process art activities. Since it works best if you apply the paint and water fast and generously, it is a great way to loosen up tight painters! The result is a really unique and beautiful patterned paper.

Materials needed:

Paper - A glossy, non-absorbent type works the best
Washable Tempera Paint
Plastic Wrap
Sponge, Brushes, and Water



1.Use a sponge to wet the entire paper with water.

2Wet Paper

2.Apply paint generously and quickly over paper using plenty of water to keep it wet. Use two or more colors for the best effects.


3. While the paint is still wet, cover the paper with a sheet of plastic wrap.


4. Use your fingers to crease and scrunch the plastic wrap. This will add texture and patterns to the paint.


5.Let dry overnight, leaving the plastic wrap in place. Once the paint has completely dried, carefully peel off the plastic wrap, unveiling unique and beautiful patterns.


6.Use the beautifully patterned paper for collages, backgrounds, or just display as is. Since our designs reminded us of frosty glass in winter, we used our paper for a snowman display.


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