Post-It Puppets

| November 2018

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Finger Puppets are a great "have-up-your-sleeve" teacher tool for those moments when you need to capture the attention of a child. Put them onto the hands of the children themselves to encourage oral language skills, communication, and great imaginative play.

Here's a way to create a finger puppet almost instantly using a Post-it. The self-stick feature of a Post-it makes it quick and easy, but you can use the same idea with any 3" x 3" piece of paper and a spot of glue.

1. Roll the Post-it snugly around your finger. (Or fold it in thirds.) Press flat to stick.

wrap around finger

2. Fold one end down for the head. Crease.

fold over

3. Unfold. Cut two snips for ears. (Small, large, pointed, or round)

cut ears

4. Fold head down again. Bend ears up. Fold corners under for the nose or chin. Two dots with a pen will create eyes. Use your imagination and add tails, spots, horns, whiskers, or whatever!

draw eyes

Make a whole handful and let the wild rumpus begin!

put on finger

puppet show

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