Making Sock Pets

Green Thumbs or Green Hair?

| April 2014

Sock Pets

Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach children more about sustainability, nature, and what it means to “be green”. This fun project demonstrates those values by using recycled materials and planting seeds. Plus, the funky green hair is hard to beat! Good for Earth Day, or any day.

How to make a Green Haired Sock Pet:

You’ll need an old sock, a plastic container (we found a used Styrofoam cup), potting soil (1 cup per child), grass seed, and felt scraps

1 materials

Glue a felt mouth, nose, and eyes, to the foot of the sock (the toe will become the top of the sock pet’s head.) Allow time for the glue to dry.

2 face

Stretch sock over a sturdy cup and pour a small handful of grass seed into the toe of the sock.

3 seeds

Pack in several handfuls of damp potting soil.

4 dirt

Remove from cup and close off the head end with a knot.

5 tie knot

Fill your recycled plastic container 1/3 full of water.

6 water

Set the sock (face up) in the container, with the leg of the sock immersed in the water.

7 insert in cup

Put the sock pet on a sunny windowsill and watch its grass hair grow! Make sure to keep adding water so soil stays moist.

8 grass growing

In a couple weeks you may even need to give it a haircut!

9 Cutting Grass

Add your own creative touch—arms, legs, or clothing—to finish off your grass pet!

10 Finished Product

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