Ten Rainy Day Activities

Wet weather? Don't miss the fun outside!

| April 2016

Rain Activities

At least for us in the northeast, April brings spring showers but that is no excuse to stay inside! Rainy weather offers a deluge of new experiences that are not to be missed (apologies to all you readers from dryer climates).

In order to get maximum enjoyment out of the weather, children should be dressed appropriately in rain gear and boots. Of course, use common sense, and don’t go out if there’s chance of lightning or severe weather. The following ten ideas will get you started. There’s no end to the possibilities—it just depends on how wet you’re willing to get!

1. Jump in Puddles:

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that produce the most fun! Every kid enjoys seeing how big a splash he can make. Go on a walk and see who can find the biggest puddle. Play follow the leader—go around, jump over, or wade through puddles.

Rain Activities

2. Become meteorologists:

Measure and chart the amount of rainfall. Simply put a plastic cup out in the rain or use a cut-off plastic bottle to make a rain gauge. Mark measurements on the side, and check it throughout the day.

rain activities

3. Experiment with Rain Art:

Sprinkle a heavy piece of paper with food color or powdered tempera paint, set it out in a light rain and watch the colors blend and run. This is real “water color” art! Try drawing on wet cement with sidewalk chalk for an effect that's very different from dry chalk.

Rain Activities

4. Make Rain Music:

Spend a few minutes just listening to the sounds of the rain. Then set out various objects and containers to see how water droplets sound when they hit different surfaces.

Rain Activities

5. Float boats:

Sticks, bark, and leaves all make great boats. Try floating them in a puddle or a fast flowing gutter.

rain activity

6. Feel the rain:

Try catching the rain in your hands, on your face, on your tongue. What does it feel like? What does it taste like? Try to engage all their five senses.

Rain Activities

7. Smell the rain:

Give the children time to absorb and enjoy the refreshing aroma of fresh spring rain hitting dry earth. There is even a word—and scientific research—to describe this distinct odor: petrichor

Rain Activities

8. Play in the mud:

Rain plus dirt makes the world “mud-luscious” and quite irresistible if you are anywhere near four years old. Provide a few containers and you’ll be surprised what all gets cooked up in the mud kitchen.

Rain Activities

9. Go on a worm hunt:

As the soil gets too saturated, worms head to the surface. Kids love to “rescue” stranded worms by moving them off the sidewalk.

Rain Activities

10. Look for the rainbow:

If the sun comes out as the rain subsides, make sure you don’t miss the rainbow!

Rain Activities

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