Play it Forward

From the Basics to the Beyond

Posted by: Rhonda December 12, 2017

The phrase “back to basics” is often heard in our field. However, a more motivational approach for teachers would be “toward the basics and beyond!”

“The kinds of traditional play that children have done naturally for generations is still at the foundation of the work that we do with children,” writes Deborah Murphy. “We have the wisdom of the sages through the ages, but we also have the wisdom of the children right here, right now.”

“‘Teacher! Look!’ they say to us. It is good advice. Let’s watch and appreciate their deep engagement, singular focus, and creative innovation. We often discuss modeling behavior for children. What about flipping that paradigm?” Read more.


Glue Ornament

Translucent Christmas Ornaments

Posted by: Rhonda December 5, 2017

Swirling food color into wet glue is a classic Pinterest favorite. Here's a new and unique seasonal twist you'll want to try.

This project is great for any kids Pre-K or older. Adults will find it irresistible as well. Find out how to make them here.

Let Kids be Kids

Let Kids be Kids!

Posted by: Rhonda November 28, 2017

Times have changed. Play spaces have changed. Play has changed. But kids have not changed.

Active, unstructured play is still as vital to healthy development as it was a generation ago. Why are kids not getting what they need to thrive?

The absence of places that make children want to play outside is impacting the quality of children’s lives. To revive outdoor play, we must re-infuse children’s environments with nature, challenge, and adventure. Surprisingly, this is not difficult or costly. Find out more.


Snapshots of our NAEYC Booth

November 21, 2017

Not able to visit our booth at the annual NAEYC conference last week? We missed you, but don’t worry—here's a few snapshots of what's new this year. View here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! 

Babies and screens

Is There an App for Early Learning?

Posted by: Rhonda November 14, 2017

“Every day, more and more TV programs, apps, games, and electronic toys are being developed and marketed for the care, entertainment, and education of children under age three,” reports Patricia Cantor.

“It is tempting to think that children today are somehow wired differently; but it’s important to remember that infants and toddlers today learn and grow in the same way that generations before them did.

“Infants and toddlers learn in the context of nurturing interactions and relationships with caring adults. There is no app that can substitute for that.” Read the article