Time for Music

Make Time for Music!

Posted by: Rhonda June 22, 2021

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

If music is considered a universal language, then children should be immersed in musical experiences as early as possible. Research affirms that the benefits of music extend far beyond the art itself, acting as a catalyst for learning and brain development.

Frank Leto, both a professional musician and an educator, found the key to teaching music to young children embedded in the Montessori method. By creating a multisensory approach based on participation and repetition, children can be surrounded by music, singing, and interactive experiences on a daily basis.

Yes, even if you’re not a musician, it is possible! Read more about Frank’s approach here.

Mud Masters2

Encouraging Mud Play

Posted by: Rhonda June 15, 2021

How to get everyone on board

Children plunge into messy play with great enthusiasm and no hesitation about getting dirty. The adults in their lives, however, may need a little more encouragement to understand the value of playing in and with mud.

Launching a mud area in your play space requires careful planning and communication with staff and families. This article offers advice on how to get over those hurdles. Then, let the fun begin! Read more.

Young Architects at Play

Posted by: Rhonda June 8, 2021

Architecture is generally associated with famous architects, complex structures, or a university degree program, not as part of an early childhood curriculum. However, if you take a closer look, you may discover that architecture holds a key to inspire and provoke creative construction for kids of any age.

“Architecture is demonstrated every day in children’s play across the globe,” writes Ann Gadzikowski. “Every child who constructs a house out of sticks or stones or blocks or LEGO is an architect.”

“As a teacher, I believe thinking and learning about architecture has significantly enhanced my ability to support children’s construction play and deepen their learning experiences.” Read more.

Magic Wand

Waving Your Magic Wand

Posted by: Rhonda June 1, 2021

Strategies for Minimizing Challenging Behaviors

Have you had that kind of day where you feel like you’ve been just reacting to behavior issues nonstop? Besides being exhausting, valuable teaching time is wasted on constant classroom management.

Does anyone have a magic wand?

Sorry, no wand, but Dr. Anita Ede has some strategies you can employ to prevent challenging behaviors and minimize them when they occur. Read more.

See You Outside!

Posted by: Rhonda May 18, 2021

“Early in the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci implored Americans to ‘get outdoors as much as possible,’ and schools listened. All types of schools in all kinds of settings opened the doors and went outside to teach and learn in fresh air,” writes Christy Merrick.

Although nature preschools were already increasing in popularity, COVID-19 acted as a catalyst, pushing many more programs outside. What will happen after the crisis eases? Will classes stay outside next year?

According to Christy, the answer to that question is “an easy yes.” Read more.