Reopening Childcare

Reopening Childcare

Posted by: Rhonda June 2, 2020

The CDC Guidelines and helpful hints on how to meet them

After nearly three months of temporary closure, many states are now reopening childcare centers. As we begin to navigate yet another "new normal", early childhood educators will need to be more innovative than ever to balance the CDC guidelines with the age old issues of enrollment, staffing, and finances.

Our colleagues at Studio MLA Architects have put together this helpful presentation to assist center directors and staff accomplish the CDC directives in a cost efficient manner. View here.


The Importance of Family Play

Posted by: Rhonda May 26, 2020

Remember those long summer holidays of your childhood, outside with friends, siblings, bikes, and balls? Nothing to do, nowhere to go, endless hours to spend in creative pursuits. . .

Well, this may be the summer we see a resurgence of this storybook sort of childhood (minus the friends perhaps, due to social distancing protocols). With summer camps, sports programs, and other events canceled, families will have more opportunities to play at home together.

Our colleagues at TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment) have put together a great set of Family Play Plans to give parents simple, inexpensive ideas for rich, creative, and sustainable family play. View them here, and freely share them with the families in your program.

post it puppets

Post-it Puppets

Posted by: Rhonda May 19, 2020

When I first began teaching preschool, my mentor impressed on me the importance of having some “up-your-sleeve-tricks” for those inevitable moments where nothing else seems to work. For example, if a child is not responding to your voice or is too distracted to pay attention, pull out a puppet to bridge the communication gap. It works like magic to capture their attention.

You can create a finger puppet almost instantly using a Post-it note. A couple of folds, two scissor snips, and a few details with a pen are all it takes.

Instructions here.

Challenging behaviors

Challenging Behavior in Challenging Times

Posted by: Rhonda May 12, 2020

Coping with change is difficult for any of us, and children are especially sensitive to disruptions in their routine. COVID19 has successfully disrupted daily life for everyone. Constant change and the accompanying stress, have become one of the new norms.

“Those of us who work with young children know stress often translates into an uptick in challenging behaviors,” writes Jennifer Fiechtner. “Tantrums, meltdowns, sleep disruptions, and regression are all ways that children may show that they are having a hard time. So, what can parents and caregivers do to help?

“Here are three ideas for supporting children’s emotional development and managing challenging behaviors during challenging times, whether you are at home caring for your own children or working in early childhood programs supporting parents in vital roles in your community.” Read more.

Gardening Kay Albrecht

Time to Plant a Garden

Posted by: Rhonda May 5, 2020

Do you have fond memories of growing things as a child—planting marigolds in a cup for mother’s day or spending time with grandpa digging carrots in the garden?

Don’t miss the chance to pass these experiences on to your children! Whether you have the space to dig up a garden bed in your yard or just utilize a sunny window sill, May is a perfect time of year to start growing things.

This article offers some practical advice on how to get started. Read: Gardening with Young Children.