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pinecone craft

Feed the Birds!

Posted by: Rhonda January 28, 2014

Invite nature right to your window with this fun and simple craft that children of any age will enjoy.

How to make pinecone bird feeders:

1. Combine. Mix the following ingredients until a sticky consistency:
    2 cups wild bird seeds
    3 cups bread crumbs
    2 cups shortening (add more if needed)
2. Spread. Using your hands, press the mixture onto two large pinecones (this is the part the kids love, but don’t forget the aprons!)
3. Hang outside. Wrap wire or string around the top of the pinecone and hang from a nearby tree or birdfeeder—if possible within good viewing distance from your window.

This was a huge success for our two year old class last week. As they woke up from nap later in the day they immediately pushed chairs to the window and were thrilled to see birds already swarming all around their feeding station!  See how the project unfolded.