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mini blocks

Symbolic Play

Posted by: Rhonda April 14, 2015

Here’s a delightful story we received from one of our readers:

“I got many stuffs in here—many peoples,” announces Shavonne as she loads her favorite mini unit block shapes into a little bucket. She shrugs her shoulders with excitement, her eyes shining.

Just shy of her second birthday, Shavonne’s block play is mostly make-believe.

She totes the bucket over to a little table where she unloads them. “Mommy,” she announces, lifting a cylinder out and placing it on the table. “Daddy” is a square pillar. “Rachel”, her sister, is a little cube.  She fishes around for a tiny quarter circle, puts it carefully on edge and sets it rocking. “Baby Desmond,” she observes. “My rocking him.” 

The family is complete, but she goes on naming blocks; all our neighbors and friends, all the teachers in her daycare, the children in her class and their parents and pets.  Before long she has nearly 20 blocks standing around, and what’s more, she remembers the name she has given to each one!

Thank goodness for toys which are simple enough to represent anything–and for Shavonne–anyone