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Vintage Vase

Posted by: Rhonda April 28, 2015

Bringing home a hand crafted gift for Mother’s day is a tradition not to be missed! Here is a fun project that’s been around for decades and is a success every time. The end result—a “vintage” vase—really does look stunning, and when it’s made by your kid? Well, then it’s extra special!

You will need some empty bottles or jars, masking tape, and brown shoe polish. Make sure to put on aprons and cover your table with newspaper when you get to the shoe polish step.

1. Begin by tearing small pieces of masking tape and randomly sticking them on a vase-like jar or container. The pieces should overlap so that the entire outside surface is covered.

2. Rub brown shoe polish over the taped area using a paper towel or rag. This will give the vase a rustic, leathery appearance.

3. Buff off any excess polish with a clean paper towel and let your vase dry for a few hours.

4. For Mother’s day, fill the vase with water and insert a beautiful flower!

For all you visual folks, you can follow illustrated instructions here.