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pebble mice

Pebble Mice

May 26, 2015

What child wouldn’t like a pet mouse—or, better yet, a whole family of them!

With a few lines from a permanent marker and some imagination, rocks and pebbles can suddenly become alive! You can turn them into any creature, from lady bugs to guinea pigs or even toads—but pebble mice always are a favorite.

Have your children each find a large, smooth pebble. Wash it clean and dry it. Using a permanent marker, draw on some eyes, a nose, whiskers, and ears. A felt tail can be glued on, but remember that fewer details increases the scope for imagination.

With little prompting, even a two year old will immediately become absorbed in caring for their “pet”: making a stick house, foraging for grass or other “food”, or just gently stroking the rock. The simplicity and open-endedness of such a plaything inspires a level of creative, constructive play that a more elaborate toy would actually hinder.

Try it!