Crafts for Christmas 

Frame Our Kindergarteners used old cereal boxes to create picture frames. The flames on these candles are dried milkweed pods. View Full Size
wreath Made by a 3-year-old, this natural wreath makes a fun table center, View Full Size
wreath or it could hang on the wall, like this one made by a 5-year-old. View Full Size
Star These wooden stars were decorated by PreK kids View Full Size
Star A 6-year-old created this shooting star using dried ornamental corn kernels. View Full Size
Conker This ornament was created using a horse chestnut conker as a base for the weaving frame. View Full Size
Gum ball Some seed pods, like this one from a Sweet Gum tree can be easily made into beautiful ornaments. Just paint them gold and add a string! View Full Size
Poinsetta Seeds, like these from a pumpkin, can be glued together and painted to make miniture poinsettas. View Full Size
pine cone feeder Bird feeders made from a pine cone are a great gift for a bird lover! View Full Size

We love using the nature materials that we collected in autumn to make beautiful natural ornaments and decorations to bring home to parents and friends at Christmas. Here is a peak at some of the creations coming out of our classrooms this season. 

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