Maple Sugaring

Slide 1 identify Tree Identification: In order to get maple sap, you have to learn how to correctly identify trees. View Full Size
Slide 2 Measuring Classifying: Hug a tree! Reach around each tree to measure if it’s big enough for one bucket…or two. View Full Size
Slide 3 Drilling Tool Skills: An old-fashioned drill is fun to use and safe (It doesn’t hurt the tree.) View Full Size
Slide 4 Hammer Spile Gently tap in the spile (a metal spout that the sap will run through). View Full Size
Slide 5 Spile Dripping_B Spring magic: With the perfect combination of below-freezing nights and warm days, the sap starts to flow. View Full Size
Slide 6 Sweet Music Hang a bucket to catch the sap. Can you hear that sweet dripping music? View Full Size
Slide 7 Collecting sap Time for teamwork: Everyone helps to collect the sap and haul it to the evaporator. View Full Size
Slide 8 Evaporator The science of evaporation: Collecting the sap is only half the story. Did you know that the sap-to-syrup ratio is 40:1? Teacher Evan explains the process of evaporation which will concentrate the sugar content, turning it into syrup! View Full Size
Slide 9 Syrup The finished syrup will be enjoyed by kids, parents, and neighbors at a festival later in the spring! View Full Size

At the Randolph school in Wappingers Falls, NY, children from preschool age through fifth grade participate in the annual ritual of Maple Sugaring, and absorb a large dose of science while doing it. Here is a peak at their sugaring science project in action!

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