How to Make Paper Bag Trees

folding 1. Accordian-fold a paper bag (lengthwise). The folds should be about 1" wide. View Full Size
cut 2. Start at the top and cut about half way down the bag on the fold lines. View Full Size
pour 3. For a sturdier base, open the bag up and pour in a bit of sand. View Full Size
twist 4. Twist tightly the whole uncut bottom section to form trunk and base. View Full Size
twist 5. Twist two or three of the strips together to form branches. View Full Size
tree You can slit some strips at the ends and twist to make thinner twigs. View Full Size
fall Add some colored leaves for a FALL tree! View Full Size
$name Add some cotton and glitter for WINTER! View Full Size
spring Some green leaves and blossoms make it look like SPRING! View Full Size
summer Stick on some darker green leaves for SUMMER! View Full Size

A great way to reuse brown paper bags—turn them back into trees! This craft project is perfect for your preschool or kindergarten class and takes very little time or materials to prepare. Follow these simple instructions for the basic idea, but then be sure to let your kids add their own personal touch and creative embellishments!

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