Yarn-Maché Decorative Containers

| February 2018

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Ever wondered what to do with all those yarn scraps that accumulate from various projects—too short to do anything with, but too long to throw away? Here is a creative solution: yarn-maché.

An adult will have to make the paste, but the rest of the activity is a great sensory experience for kids. We used a bowl for a mold in order to create a decorative basket, but as with paper-maché, you can use a variety of objects as molds, including balloons. The results will be colorful and unique!

To prepare, make a paste as you would for paper-maché:

yarn mache recipe

1. Cover the outside of a bowl with plastic wrap.

Cover bowl with Seran Wrap

2. Dip yarn scraps into paste mixture.

Dip yarn in paste

3. Layer the saturated yarn pieces over the bowl until it is completely covered.

Apply to bowl

Apply to bowl2

4. Place in a safe place to dry. After several days when the yarn is completely hardened, gently remove from bowl.

remove from bowl

5. Use as a decorative container, gift, or whatever creative purpose you wish!


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