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pirate ship with outlast blocks

Of Frogs and Teachers

Posted by: Rhonda September 24, 2013

Almost before I was aware of the transformation, the raucous pirate boat morphed into a coffee shop and I was being offered a Frappuccino.  With dutiful pretense I slurped down the drink which elicited the victorious shout, “Poisoned!”  And for the hundredth time in my career as a Pre-K teacher I had been turned into a frog.

The powerful magic that could turn a wooden block from a ship’s wheel into a foaming mug and a teacher into an amphibian seemed limited only by the boundaries of imagination. I am convinced that a natural environment with simple, versatile play equipment has great impact on a child’s creativity. A healthy imagination flows like water and needs freedom and space to meander where it will, unconfined by adult logic and specialized toys. 

This is why block play is so highly valued by educators. Blocks with their nondescript nature are perfectly suited to creative play. Combine that with the outdoors and you have unlocked the door to a magical world. You will enjoy watching, as I did, the potential of such a combination in this delightful video on outdoor block play.

And hey, if there’s anyone out there who knows how to turn frogs back into teachers, I’d appreciate it!

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