Nature Bracelet

Making Nature Bracelets

Posted by: Rhonda October 21, 2014

As leaves begin to fall from the trees and ripened seeds start to scatter, don’t miss out on this classic and fun nature activity.

To make nature bracelets, wrap a piece of wide tape loosely around each child’s wrist with the sticky side out. Head outside on your walk and have the children find bits of nature—pinecones, leaves, seeds, or flowers—and simply stick them to their tape bracelet until there’s no room left!

Kids are natural explorers and collectors and the results will be different and exciting each time. Our Pre-K class spent nearly an hour enthusiastically combing their outdoor space for treasures to stick onto their bracelets. They became fascinated with the many different kinds of seeds they discovered in the process.

As Christy Merrick writes in her recent article “Giving Children a Natural Start,” few things can “capture a young child’s attention better than what is found in nature.” Simple activities that generate such focused observation are the “positive experiences” that “set them up for later learning.”