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bean sprouts

Exploring Science: How do seeds grow?

Posted by: Rhonda March 14, 2017

What’s the best way to understand how a seed turns into a plant? Watch it happen—right in your classroom!

Spring is a magical time of year that awakens wonder and curiosity. Trees—bare all winter—suddenly turn green with buds. Green shoots poke up out of the ground from bulbs hidden dormant in the soil. Tiny, dead-looking seeds spring into life, eventually growing into the flowers of late spring and summer. How does this happen?

Sprouting beans in a clear, plastic bag is a fascinating activity that allows children to closely observe the process of germination. While dry, the bean is completely dormant, but as soon as it has water and warmth amazing things start to happen. All you need are some Ziploc bags, dried beans, and wet paper towels. Instructions here.