Exploring Germination

Slide 1 Slip several damp paper towels into a Ziploc bag. Insert 5 staples half way up the bag. View Full Size
Slide 2 Slide in a few beans. The staples will keep them in the right place so that there's room for the roots to grow. View Full Size
Slide 3 Three days after "planting" the first roots appear. View Full Size
Slide 4 A few days later: The stems start to push upward. View Full Size
Slide 5 After ten days the leaves begin to peek out of the seed coat. View Full Size
Slide 6 Two weeks: the first true leaves appear while the stem continues to grow and grow! View Full Size
Slide 7 How tall will they get? (Larry is sure they'll touch the ceiling!) View Full Size


1. Place a damp, folded paper towel into a zip lock bag.

2. Insert 5 staples about half way up the bag. This will keep the beans in the right place so that there's room to watch the roots grow.

3. Place a few beans into the bag.

4. Tape the bag onto a wall or window. Add water as needed to keep the paper towel damp.

5. Watch what happens!  

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